The History of First Baptist Bay Minette

The Bay Minette Baptist Church marked its beginning on the first Sunday of August in 1870.
One hundred thirty plus years later, this fledgling congregation has changed dramatically. One change has been the location of the church buildings. The first meetings were held in a log cabin on Byrne Street. The congregation relocated to a wood frame building on Pine Street, then to a brick complex on D’Olive Street and finally to the present location on Hand Avenue with our new Worship Center and Administrative Complex. The name of the church also changed in the 1950’s from the Bay Minette Baptist Church to the First Baptist Church after two other Baptist congregations were formed. The methods used to reach and teach also changed. Today, there are numerous ministries designed to reach different age groups and with varying tasks. From the youth and music ministries to the senior adults and missions organizations, there is something for everyone at First Baptist. The Lord is Blessing our church!
Buildings, names, methods and the people doing the Lord’s work have all changed, but one thing has remained constant. The mission of the church has not changed and is based squarely on the Great Commission. Encapsulated a few years age in our mission statement, we are to “Reach People for Jesus and Teach People about Jesus”. In the new millennium, the future of First Baptist has never been brighter. Our methods must change if we are to reach people in an increasingly secular world, but our message of hope and mission will never change.

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